Who IS Harvey?

A social media influencer and online publisher living in Lake Oconee, Georgia, with over 40 years of experience promoting over 100 small and local businesses, healthcare professionals, and contractors.

Harvey’s journey as a publisher has been rich and enlightening, with a legacy spanning four decades and 26 niche publications across regions like Western Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio, Chicago, Metro Atlanta, and Florida. Today, as a seasoned social media influencer, Harvey channels this vast experience to illuminate the path for local businesses, healthcare professionals, and contractors, guiding them to their next customer, patient, or client.

Navigating the world of prospecting can be challenging. While it’s a task that some might find overwhelming or outside their expertise, his experience has always been about bridging gaps. He thrives on connecting businesses with potential clients who genuinely resonate with their offerings.

Harvey’s vantage point as a niche publisher has offered him a front-row seat to the evolution of marketing – from traditional print ads to the dynamic world of email marketing. The essence of impactful marketing has remained unaltered through all these transitions: Content. Whether it’s a newsletter, annual report, online ad, blog post, or e-book, content remains the heartbeat of any successful marketing strategy.

Content marketing, for him, has never been about aggressive selling but fostering genuine conversations. This approach is precisely why his business thrived in the face of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Harvey managed to cultivate deeper connections with his audience by transitioning from a static website to a vibrant, content-rich platform and leveraging the potential of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Email marketing further enhanced these connections, making his outreach more personalized and impactful.

Today, he has distilled his expertise into creating compelling Reels and engaging social media posts tailored for local businesses. These highlight the unique offerings of each enterprise and seamlessly integrate them into the audience’s daily lives, making every post a vibrant showcase of local brilliance.


Harvey is currently available for short and long-term social media work.

If social media promotions are your need, and a seasoned voice is your preference, get in touch. Drop Harvey an email at hdkart@aol.com or call/text him at 412.897.1006. Together, he’ll ensure your business shines brightly in the vast expanse of social media.